(AQHA - RJ Okla Star)

Color: Gray
Height: 15 hands
Weight: 1050 pounds

My name is Holster.  I love to ride outside on the trail or ranch.  I’m sure-footed in rough country and have a ground-covering walk.  I’m happy to go to work if you ask me to, but I don’t mind taking it easy either.  I’ve overheard many people comment that I am a beautiful mover.  Carly has taught me to be well-rounded.  I rode in a parade, stayed calm when ridden in very high winds, I take it in stride when I go to new places, have trudged through snow drifts, and have moved cows all day.  I was happy to follow a puppy around when it grabbed my lead rope and ran off in the backyard.  My trot is as smooth as silk.  If my new owner is a kid I hope they are at least an intermediate rider, but I wouldn’t mind a beginner adult as well.

For More Information, call (303)668-3762 or email carly@carlydavis.com


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