Would you like to learn Balance Training from Carly?  Contact Carly with your riding experience. A video of your riding ability is preferred.


Get to know Carly's current interns:


Emma began riding at age 8, and got her first horse, Indy, three years ago. Ever since then they have been working and growing with the help of Carly and her training methods. With Carly's help, Emma and Indy have been riding in Westernaires and working in Dressage.

Before she got her first horse, she was interested in riding. She began lessons with Carly at age 10 and from then on has always has a passion for working with horses. She has been an intern since the summer of 2015 and can't wait to experience more as she continues working with new unique horses. The amazing opportunity of working with Carly and the horses is once in a life time, and she is very excited to continue growing and learning!


And just for fun...