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Get to know Carly's current interns:


Emma began riding at age 8, and got her first horse, Indy, three years ago. Ever since then they have been working and growing with the help of Carly and her training methods. With Carly's help, Emma and Indy have been riding in Westernaires and working in Dressage.

Before she got her first horse, she was interested in riding. She began lessons with Carly at age 10 and from then on has always has a passion for working with horses. She has been an intern since the summer of 2015 and can't wait to experience more as she continues working with new unique horses. The amazing opportunity of working with Carly and the horses is once in a life time, and she is very excited to continue growing and learning!


At the early age of two years old, Faith found her love for horses on a small farm in Iowa; from that day on her passion only grew. She continued to ride occasionally until the year of 2010 when she joined Westernaires.

In 2013 Faith began to take lessons from Carly Davis and one year later became an intern. Faith had been leasing a horse named Cash for three years now and says that he is her true love. She is on Royal Rangers and Red Dressage in Westernaires. Faith loves spending time on the ranch as it combines her three top most priorities; God, family, and horses.

Kara Marchant

I have always had a passion for animals, especially horses. I started interning with Carly in November of 2016 after I moved to Colorado.
Since then, I have learned so much about horses (and cows) and have gained much experience in horse/human training. Carly is an amazing
teacher and friend. My own riding skills have developed radically in the past year thanks to her instruction. My favorite thing to do at the
ranch is to watch people ride who have a passion for horses, especially little kids riding a horse for the first time. I love the excitement on their faces! Naturally, my other favorite thing to do at Las Piedras Ranch is work with the horses, especially on an open range. I am going
to continue my education about horses (and cows) at Mississippi State University, pursuing a degree in Animal and Dairy Sciences with a
concentration in pre-veterinary medicine. I am excited to continue learning how to help people with their animals.


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