Would you like to learn Balance Training from Carly?  Contact Carly with your riding experience. A video of your riding ability is preferred.


Get to know Carly's current interns:


Hi! My name's Leah. I started riding when I was 7 years old, and joined Westernaires in 2009. I'm currently on Red Team and Red Chariots in Westernaires. I started taking lessons from Carly in 2014, and have been an intern since early 2016. Thanks to Carly and her training methods, I'm still learning more about horses, and becoming a better rider in the process. I got my first horse, Mezza, when I was 16. I used Carly's training methods to finish Mezza's training, and am very grateful for the opportunity to own my own horse. I'm so excited to continue working with the new horses that come to Carly for training, and to continue to gain more experience riding and training.


Ashley started riding horses in 2010, when she joined Westernaires. That was the extent of her horse experience until she started interning with Carly in the fall of 2016. Ashley loves interning because she always learns something about horses. In addition, she gets to ride with her friends on different teams at Westernaires when interning. Horses have been a huge part of Ashley's life even before she started riding. She would read every horse book she could.  She is very excited to learn more as an intern, and can't wait to see where this experience will take her.


I'm Katie. I have always loved animals, and wanted to be around them.

I experienced horseback riding for the first time on my 12th birthday. In 2013, I started Westernaires at age 14. I was in Westernaires for 3 years; then I felt God leading me somewhere else. I found out about Balance in Training from a friend at Church and I started interning in November of 2016. I absolutely love working for Carly. I get to ride and I'm learning so much about horses.


Emma began riding at age 8, and got her first horse, Indy, three years ago. Ever since then they have been working and growing with the help of Carly and her training methods. With Carly's help, Emma and Indy have been riding in Westernaires and working in Dressage.

Before she got her first horse, she was interested in riding. She began lessons with Carly at age 10 and from then on has always has a passion for working with horses. She has been an intern since the summer of 2015 and can't wait to experience more as she continues working with new unique horses. The amazing opportunity of working with Carly and the horses is once in a life time, and she is very excited to continue growing and learning!


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