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The comments on this page are testimonies from people that have worked with Carly Davis personally, ranging from participating in or hosting her clinics, to personal riding lessons and putting their horses in training with Carly. If you are a current client of Carly's and would like to see your testimony here, please email it to Carly.





If you are wondering what your learning experience with Carly would be like, read these testimonies to find out!





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I just wanted to tell you how appreciative we are of you.  Each lesson with you is building Emma's confidence and helping her grow so much. You have a true gift with these wonderful animals and those you teach.

~ Tina and Emma


Thanks for all. Btw looked at all photos on your site today, you're AMAZING. I know my horse is in the best hands possible. And in over 25 years around horses I've seen quite a few trainers. Thank you for what you do and doing it sooo well!

~ Bob Seele, NY


I love Carly because she so considerate. She does fun stuff in my lessons like trail rides, the teeter totter, and barrel racing. From my very first lesson, I was learning by riding. I have learned so much from Carly so far.

Lily- Age 8


Carly is an innate teacher, wise beyond her years. Together with her horses, she meets her students where they are and holds the space for them to grow at their own pace. I've had many ah-ha moments at Las Piedras Ranch. With her instruction and the gift of her horses, this is one of the best investments you can make for your body, mind and Spirit.

-Rose Ode


Carly Davis is an exceptional horse trainer!  She is very reliable, focused, and organized.  I have known Carly since she was a young teenager and I have watched her grow up over the years into the well respected trainer she is today.  She trained 3 of my horses over the past several years and did an excellent job working with each one of them.  She worked 2 of my quarter horses, starting them at a very young age and worked my wild mustang I adopted from the BLM from the first day we brought him home.  She is very patient with horses, does not let them get away with anything, and teaches them everything from ground manners to flying lead changes.  She respects each horse owner and is very focused on training their horse based on exactly what they want.  She is honest about your horse’s progress and provides frequent updates while encouraging you to be a part of the training process.  She works well with riders of all ages and will make a big difference with any rider she provides lessons to.  I highly recommend Carly to anyone that needs a young horse that has never had a rider on their back, to older horses that needs to break a few bad habits – she can do it all! 

Bonnie Walton
Lakewood, CO


Carly Davis is a skilled horsewoman who has worked with impressive trainers and has a great resume.  But is that all it takes to make a good trainer?  I don’t think so.  What makes a good trainer – in my mind – is a person who is fun, enjoyable to be around, and can help you achieve success with your horse.  Carly is all of these things.  We have had her come out to our home for clinics two years in a row – last year and this year.  Both of these trips she stayed in our home with us for a little over a week, and it was like we had known her forever.  And, by the end of the 1 week clinic, we could all see the improvement in our horses.

The Crooks Family
Avoca, WI


Carly Davis is a true and genuine horse-woman. Her calm confidence and steady manner in the arena has everything to do with why Ms. Davis shines as both a trainer and riding instructor. She is passionately dedicated to her career choice and has always handled our business together with professionalism and care. I have found her to be not only an inspiration, teacher and friend - but an exceptional matchmaker between horse and rider as well. From the bottom of my heart, I am thankful to Carly for helping me 'get back up' and start riding again... and for connecting me with the newest addition to my family, "Fancy".

Erin Rose
Denver, CO


Carly Davis is an amazing trainer!!  She has worked both with my horse and as a trainer for my daughter.  Carly has impacted my daughter to the extent that she is one of her role models and is admired by her.  Carly doesn’t just train she educates!  She has a calm, compassionate, yet firm demeanor that works well with horses and people.  Carly has always been available to help with questions and work with the entire family to do what is necessary to teach us how to work with our horse.  Moon is an amazing animal for my daughter and it wouldn’t have been possible without Carly. 

Kristin Vollmer-Vigil
Thornton, CO

I have known and worked with Carly since our family moved to the Golden area over three years ago.  Carly has trained and finished several of my horses, helped me improve my riding skills, and, for the past few years, has been teaching my two young daughters to ride.  Based on all of my professional and personal interactions with Carly, I cannot emphasize enough how thrilled we are that she is a part of our lives.  Carly not only posses superior skills in training horses and teaching others to ride, whether adult or child, she is the kind of role model I want in my daughter's lives.  Carly is patient, honest, dependable, trustworthy, hardworking, professional, and just plain talented.  She is so gifted in working with horses that she can make fixing any problem with a horse look easy and effortless; although I know it is not the case.  Carly has been a blessing in our lives and we are grateful to call her our friend.

Marianne Garrison
Golden, CO


I have known Carly both personally and professionally for over 10 years and have had the wonderful opportunity to watch this sweet girl grow into such an amazing woman.

Professionally Carly has taught both my daughter and I not only how to ride horses, she has given me back my love for horses and has helped my daughter become an excellent horse rider who shares my love for horses. She has taught us not only how to ride a horse, she has also taught us how to care for horses in all areas. Carly has worked with us for over 10 years, it is through her skill and dedication, and of course patience, that my daughter is now a red divison rider with the Westernaires and I can stay on a horse without falling. Carly has such a strong work ethic, the strongest I have been around, she drives herself hard and it shows in her training, both of the rider and the horses she works. She also has trained our horses and taught us so much about horse training and care.

Personally Carly is truly a blessing to everyone she meets. She is kind and gentle, to both the rider and the horses. She enjoys life and she is a joy to be around. She is always positive and has such a big heart.  She is always willing to help both for us and our horses.  I board our horses at her ranch and know everyday they are getting the best care. I remember one day when there was a fire very close to their ranch and the horses had to be moved quickly, Carly (who must have had a million things on her mind as you can image) remembered to grab my horses medicine and this was life saving for our horse. Her priorities to her faith and her family and friends is truly a blessing. Carly is a wonderful role model for my teenager and I pray that my daughter will absorb some of Carly's high moral and standards. I am so thankful that there are girls in this world like her and that we have the opportunity to spend time with her every week. 

As you can see I would highly recommend Carly as a trainer for riders and for horses, she has such a wonderful gift in these areas and I am thrilled she is willing to share them with us.

Michele Montgomery
Arvada, CO


I have really enjoyed having Carly work with me and my horses.  I have learned a lot just watching her work them.  I always appreciate her willingness to return a call and answer a question and her patience with my lack of skill and knowledge (but I’m learning!).  There are a lot of trainers and teachers out there, but Carly shines because of her natural gift for understanding horses.

Moni Piz-Wilson
Golden, CO


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