Put Your Horse in Training

With Carly davis

Schedule a Lesson or Training!

  • Monthly training while boarding on Las Piedras Ranch
  • Round pen, full-size outdoor arena, covered arena, and trails
  • Unbroke, greenbroke, or experienced horses or ponies
  • Any breed, any age
  • Colt starting
  • Western arena work
  • Trail riding
  • Gymkhana events
  • Basic roping
  • Basic reining maneuvers
  • Basic dressage maneuvers
  • Includes weekly updates/lessons
  • 2 month minimum
  • Horses must be wearing shoes when brought for training
  • If your horse has been on grass, one bale of grass must be brought with the horse
  • $750/month for training + $250/month for board

Carly trains at her family’s facility, Las Piedras Ranch, in Golden, Colorado.  She uses a natural horsemanship method, gaining the horse's respect in order to get him to respond correctly to cues.  Her specialty is colt starting and helping people solve problems with their horses.  She has had experience with many different breeds, including ponies, Quarter Horses, Paints, Arabians, Morgans, Friesians, Mustangs, Lipizzanners, Paso Finos, Peruvian Pasos, Tennessee Walkers, Swedish Warmbloods, Norwegian Fjords, and Belgians.  She also has had experience with horses at all stages of training, from untouched to finished. 

Her hourly training rate is $60 at Las Piedras Ranch.  The facility includes an outdoor arena and round pen, covered arena, and access to miles of trails. She is willing to meet you and
your horse at your home or boarding stable to work on trailer loading, if you cannot get him loaded in a trailer.


Monthly training includes board at Las Piedras Ranch and costs $750/mo for training and $250/mo for board, or $1,000 total per month.  This price includes alfalfa twice a day and training 5-6 days/week.  Any grain or additional supplements will be fed to the horse but must be provided by the owner.  Carly prefers that her clients come out and participate in training sessions as often as possible in order to fully understand the cues she is teaching the horse.  With this method, there will be clear communication between you and your newly balanced equine partner upon its return home!  She is willing to organize the training around whichever discipline you endeavor to participate in with your horse.  There is a required two month minimum in order to ensure you see the difference in balance in your horse before and after training.
If you would like more information, feel free to email or call Carly through the contact page with any questions. She would also be happy to provide you with references or you may read the testimonies of some of her previous clients here.  Anyone is welcome to visit the ranch and see Carly train in person before making a decision to send their horse in for training.  Carly looks forward to meeting you and your equine partner!